Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lightning Bugs, Magnolias, Rhett Butler, Mint Tea, Pimento Cheese and Buttermilk Pie - What Southern Women Know and Love

Southern women know how to set a table to capture Rhett or whoever they have their heart set on. Who could resist - the wine, the bantering during dinner, batting eyelashes in candlelight, oh step into the parlor and the rest is history darlin`! Just for good measure, serve up a piece of Buttermilk Pie, oh honey it's a keeper. My friend Carol Lashlee of Humboldt TN is a true Steel Magnolia who can cook like there's no tomorrow and this is a recipe that has been in her family for generations. Taste it and you'll know why!

Southern Women
Appreciate their natural assets:
Peachy skin (thanks to humidity); Born knowing how to flirt; Southern drawl
Know their manners:
"Yes, ma'am"; "Yes, sir"; "Why, don’t you dare darlin`!"
Have priceless expressions:
"Y'all come back!"; "Well, bless your heart.";"Drop by when you can.";"That’s so nice."
Know everybody's first name:
Honey; Darlin'; Shugah; You Handsome Devil
Know the movies that speak to their hearts:
Fried Green Tomatoes; Driving Miss Daisy; Steel Magnolias; Gone With The Wind
Know their religions:
Baptist; Methodist; Football
Know their country breakfasts:
Grits; Country ham and red-eye gravy; Mouth-watering homemade biscuits with momma's homemade jam
Know their cities:
Chawl'stn; S'vanah; Foat Wuth; N'awlins; Addlanna
Know their elegant gentlemen:
Men in uniform; Men in tuxedos; Rhett Butler
Know their prime real estate:
The Mall; The Country Club;The Beauty Salon
Know the three deadly sins:
Having bad hair and nails; Having bad manners; Cooking bad food

Only a Southerner:
knows the difference between a hissie and a conniption fit, and that you don't "HAVE" them, you "PITCH" them.
can show you the general direction of "yonder."
knows exactly how long "directly" is - "Going to town, be back directly."
knows that "Gimme some sugar" is not a request for the white, granular sweetener.
understands the difference between a redneck, a good ol' boy, and po' white trash.
knows that "fixin" can be a noun, a verb, or an adverb.
can make friends while standing in lines, and when "in line," talks to everybody!
know y'all is singular, all y'all is plural.
says "sweet tea" and "sweet milk." Sweet tea indicates lots of sugar. "Sweet milk" means you don't want buttermilk.
knows you don't scream at little old ladies poking along on the highway. You just say, "Bless her heart"... smile and wave.
To those who are still a little embarrassed by your Southernisms: Take two tent revivals, a julep, a bite of pimento cheese or barbeque and remember “Tomorrow’s another day.” Bless your heart!
For those who aren’t from the South but have lived here for a long time, hang a sign on the front porch that reads "I ain't from the South, but I got here as fast as I could." Bless your heart!
And for those of you who are still having a hard time understanding all this Southern stuff ... Bless your hearts!
Buttermilk Pie
3 eggs
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 stick butter, melted
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon flour
Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Beat eggs and add flour and sugar which have been mixed together, then add remaining ingredients. Pour into unbaked deep dish pie crust.
Reduce temperature to 325 degrees when you place pie in the oven. Cook for forty minutes or until center of pie is no longer soft, reduce to lower temperature if needed or lay piece of foil around edges of pie to prevent crust and outer edges from browning. Carol Lashlee, Humboldt TN
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Southerncook said...

LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this post Libby. Soooooo true.

Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

Gaston Studio said...

I have NEVER been embarrassed to be from the south, Libby dahling, you should no better!

Love this!! You take care now, ya hear?

bj said...

Being a Southern girl (my nickname is I KNOW you know what that stands for...) we also like hotwater cornbread with buttah, blackeyed peas, red beans with ham hock, MINT in that sweet tea, and banana puddin'...AND, being a teen in the 50's, I can't forget Ray Charles and Little Richard, both born in Georgia...and, of course, Miss Julia Roberts !! :O)
haha..loved your post, dear are such fun !

Domestic Designer said...

Oh I love this post! I am a Southern Gal through and through and proud of it!:-)

Lori E said...

Well Darlin, I'm a Canadian eh but this post is one of my favorites. I am going to post a link to it on my site of you don't mind shugah. You made me laugh today.

ButterYum said...

Wonderful - as a fairly new southern implant, I enjoyed this post.

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, I'm sure that's all true...says a full-blooded northerner!

giz said...

What a fun post.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute Cute Cute, Libby... I relate to ALL of that, Shugah!!!! Bless Yore Lil Pea-pickin' heart!!!!!

Thanks for a great post!

Blondie's Journal said...


This is a long time coming and just perfect. I think 90% of all my blogging friends are from the South, so The Husband and I took a trip down to Charleston and Savannah and we were not disappointed. We just had so much fun. Charming, historic, friendly, great food (bought several cookbooks!) and wonderful shopping. This was about 2 months ago~I posted about it if you'd like to take a peek.

Now, don't forget to swing on over to Chicaaaawwwwgo soon!


Cedar ... said...

Having lived in Mobile, AL during a brief stint. I certainly can understand/identify. Loved the south, but,.. well,... the rest? We'll talk!

Kaerie Faerie said...

What a great post, I'm a Yank, even though I live Florida, I don't think it is very Southern here. Thanks for sharing, I copied your dog and made a doll for my next collection, that kinda looks like Senator, stay tune for the Summer time Bug Parade, to the Mad Hatter Tea Party

Joycee said...

Darlin' I had grits with my breakfast, sweet tea with my lunch and a glass of buttermilk with my supper tonight. I went to town this afternoon and tried my best to be polite to everyone I met, harder to do these days! Being Southern is just being plain ol' folks.
joy c. at grannymountain

Lipstick said...

*Love* this post!! Especially the picture of the Mason jar!

Susan said...

I'm with y'all on this one! I moved from the south to northern Illinois! Can't even mention fried food to these people!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

AMEN! LOve this! And I love my southern spirit and am so glad and proud to be a GRITS.

The Bloom Girls said...

This post is too cute! Love it! There is nothing like " Southern hospitality"! So much to do, so little time! Oh fiddle dee dee, I'll think about that tomorrow!

Have a great week!



Amen to that! I love your post and my pimento cheese.


Linda said...

Hello Dear Southern Libby,
Well I must say, I am not from the South, (although my husband and I both have ancestors from the South, does that count?!), but after reading your post, I want to be!!!
You and I had one same thought this week, wine!
Is that your dining room?? Stunning!!!
Pets to Senator and hugs for you , a good ol' Southern gal!
Linda Q

PAT said...

I love it, Libby!

I think using both first and middle names must be either southern.

I grew up Patty Ann. My Texas G'ma (Nanny), called me Patty Ann. MY cousins still call me Patty Ann.

Pass the pimento cheese, please.

Candy said...

I do declare...that takes the cake!

Much obliged you Sweet talking thing for setting the world straight.


LauraBeth said...

Love it! There's one more thing you need to add though - our propensity for double names! Elsewhere in the country, maybe one name will do, but here down South - we've got to have TWO!

KD said...

Love your blog! I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Darla said...

that's the Gospel!

The Raggedy Girl said...

I wish I had been born in the south, I would have fit right in. I wasn't even born in the south end of California! And I live west of the river in my town. It is just so sad. Loved your post, love to visit.
The Raggedy Girl

Janie's World said...

Beautiful table, always classy and elegant when you are involved. I've never seen fireflies!

BTW, I tried your coleslaw recipe for Memorial Day Barbeque and it was fabulous!

Cynthia said...

Enjoyed your tablescape. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Dirt Princess said...

Honey...I am as Southern as they come!!! I went to college in Missisippi and they would ask ME where I was from...are you kidding me. I am from Mobile, and ya'll are from under a rock Mississippi (I love me some Mississippians don't get me wrong). They always thought I talked much more Southern than them. Hey you are what you are. When I was in London (for 6 weeks) people would come up to me EVERYDAY and ask me if I was Alabama or funny is that. People in foreign countries can spot you!

Joyce said...

I am a Georgia Peach but with a NY accent and a love of the Yankees. Little offspring Peach is the UGA granduate and now raising a future UGA class of 2024.

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

I really enjoyed your post. A Southern Lady is quite the Lady and it shows in the elegant table setting! Stop by and browse a while. If you like what you see, please be sure to click the "Follow" button so that we can inspire one another frequently!

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

I know you'll do well with your book; between your talent for writing and your decorating elegance, it's got to be a hit! Glad to be a follower of your blog!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Libby, this is a wonderful post! I laughed so hard and appreciate every word. Bravo! And as a Good Southerner, I am in love with the tablesetting in that picture. So many pretty and very shiny objects! And I'm wild over the wallpaper which looks like a documentary pattern.

As to the movie, I love Rhett and Mammy best. :-) And as so Southern Speak, I still say icebox. I startled someone with that recently, but that's what my grandmother called it! I don't plan to change, either. ;-)

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog (I was so touched by them, Libby), and I hope you will allow me to return the compliment. You are an amazingly accomplished lady, and we are blessed to have you in the blog community!


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Make that as "to" Southern Speak. I've been the typo queen lately. I think I need some new glasses! Time for an appointment with the eye doctor...

Fifi Flowers said...

Yummmm that Silver Oak is a delicious wine!

angie said...

I love learning more about the south.......:)

mbkatc230 said...

What a wonderful post Libby. I'm a gal from Mississippi married to a man from South Philadelphia (think Rocky and all that). I convinced him to move South as soon as possible after living in Philly for 1 1/2 yrs - that was plenty thank you very much. We've been here for 26 years and you couldn't budge him now if you tried. It took him awhile to "slow down and sit a spell" but he finally gets it. He does still laugh and say that the difference between Southerners and yankees is that they keep their crazy relatives locked up and we display them (proudly) on our front porch to say hey to everyone! Loved this post. Kathy

lifesignatures said...

I can learn a lot from a Southerner!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

LIbby, LOVED IT! That's the south I grew up in! :-) I adore that dining room and tablescape! It's beautiful...this post made me smile and brought back lots of memories of growing up in Georgia! Susan

Gaston Studio said...

Left you something at my place; please come by to pick up.

Crystal said...

What a gorgeous blog you have. My grandmother was a wonderful and beautiful southern lady for High Point, NC. I always loved to go visit all of her family in the summertime. I always use to wish I lived in the south.
Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

Love LOVE love this post! Hands down - one of the best I've read on anyone's blog in the longest!!

Lisa said...

I just love this post!! It says alot to be from the south!
Hugs, Lisa

darsden said...

Absoulutely 100% southern here for sure. Lovely table spread, lovely southern women. Just love Faith Hill and Reese, Tina No other like her..Wonderful choices to represent the southern charm..Lovely Just Lovely.

Yes, playing catch up been missing in action I know..sorry..xoxodar

Dream Mom said...

Oh, I love the Southern Ladies part! Wonderful post!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

What a fabulous post. I'd love to feature it on my blog one day this week if you don't mind! Just let me know.

BrnEyedGal said...

Libby....You are amazing.
That has got to be one of the most entertaining, fun, and creative posts I have EVER seen!!!
I just enjoyed that so much....darn, I wish I was from the South too!!! LOL

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

OH, I just love being a southern woman!!! From NC, no less!!

Enjoyed your post!! Found you by way of Life of a Southern Belle!!

Congrats on the award!!


Gracie Beth said...

I love this post! I am a Tennessee girl too I am adding you to my vol bloggers! said...

Came over via Life of a Southern Belle-settled in an LOVED every minute of this post!