Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY TWIRLS in 2013 from Libby and The Senator at TwirlandTaste

My wish for each of you in the New Year is great happiness, much joy, compassion for others, good health, prosperity, and rich blessings. Thank you for stopping by to visit with us at TwirlandTaste and we are honored that over 1,615,000 have chosen to check out some of our recipes and musings. We enjoy hearing from you, reading your comments and try to answer all your questions and help you find recipes. Thank you for sharing TwirlandTaste with your friends as we have now been visited by people in over 130 countries around the world and all fifty states. If you're a member of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest - please join us there as well. Let us know if there are recipes that we might help you find or share your favorite with us and we'll post guests features from time to time. 
Happy New Year and Happy Twirls,
Libby and the Senator

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Thank you pretty Libby..I wish you and yours right back!! You couldn't have phrased it better. Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes..some I've made and some are copied for a future time. I have a post right now with your cookies and I mention you. Be careful...they don't look pretty like yours, but they did come out delish! Happy New Year 2013!!