Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Award-winning recipes for Tripp Country Ham baked with brown sugar glaze, boiled in Coca Cola or slow fried in coffee

Charlie Tripp carves a baked Tripp Country Ham with pineapple slices and brown sugar glaze
 Award-winning hickory smoked Tripp country hams can be baked with brown sugar, boiled in Coca-Cola, or slow fried in coffee to make Red Eye gravy. Even Jane Seymour has them shipped to Malibu!  Sorry but I can't publish here per agreement with Gannett. 
Recipes can be found in the feature I wrote which is linked below.
Baked Tripp Country Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze
Boiled Tripp Country Ham in Coca-Cola
Slow Fried Tripp Country Ham with Red Eye Gravy
Tripp Country Hams and Bacon are shipped around the world. For more information, visit or call 731-772-2130
Southern Breakfast served to Jane Seymour and James Keach included Tripp country ham and hickory smoked bacon.
Judy Tripp fries up a pan of award-winning Tripp hickory-smoked bacon.
Charlie and Judy Tripp host Jane Seymour and her husband James Keach  for breakfast at their historic home in Brownsville TN.

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