Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Corn Light Bread is a regional recipe that's hard to find outside of West Tennessee - What shame because it's so good!

 Corn light bread is a regional recipe that’s hard to find outside of West Tennessee. It’s made with meal, flour, sugar and yeast and absolutely delicious sliced and served with BBQ, country ham, or fried chicken. Sorry but I can't publish here per agreement with Gannett. 
Corn Light Bread Recipe can be found in the feature I wrote which is linked below.
Carol Ann Watson on the left is shown with her co-chair of the culinary division of the West Tennessee State Fair, and friend since childhood, Rose Ann Donnell. Carol Ann is one of the best cooks I have ever known. For a number of years, she was involved with the making of the country ham and corn light bread sandwiches which were sold with a bowl of Brunswick stew at the Browns Church booth at the Fair.The country hams were boiled, sliced and made into sandwiches. You just can't imagine the explosion of flavors.

Carol Ann can not only make corn light bread, but her Caramel Cake, Strawberry Cake and Tomato Chow Chow make my mouth water just to think about them. The sweetness of this bread is a perfect match for country ham. Many nationally recognized chefs are now making and toasting this bread and serving it with Prosciutto (or country ham) and Tomato Marmalade. Bon Appetit Y'all.

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LOVE your blog! My husband and I are both from Louisiana and now live in Chicago. Just found your blog a few weeks ago and I am hooked. You are fabulous and keep up the good work, darlin'! Just wanted to let you know.
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