US market for 3D gambling NetEnt Roulette Live

15. In October 2021, the joint guidelines of the top gambling regulators of the countries in relation to online gambling offers entered into force in USA. Online casino operators who wish to obtain a license in the summer with the entry into force of the new gambling state contract had to remove numerous game forms from their offer. These include, for example, 3D roulette and the popular 3D live casinos.

A lot more is about good eye and impressive analysis skills-or in short: it's about skill! In this case, one does not rely on a number, but rather determines much more the approximate range where the ball will remain. So if the area around the number 7, but also the two fields to the left and right appear as likely, then the Kesselgucken tries to bet on the last pressing with the announcement 7-2-2 on these numbers (in the technical jargon Pleins). The bet is 5 units, and in the case of a win there are 36 units back. More than 600% profit is thus possible.

We are quite sure that you have already seen a roulette table in a film or elsewhere. It's really as simple as it looks, but if you're really still one of the absolute beginners, we'll explain the basics here. They don't have to bring any special skills; profits at roulette only depend on chance. There is a wheel that turns and can be found on the two colors: Red and Black, plus there is a number in each field of the wheel. You have to predict where the bullet lands when it comes to rest after the croupier put it in the wheel. If you're right, you win. It's that simple. You can rely on different aspects, for example, a combination of multiple numbers or the color on which the ball lands.

the player should be able to closely observe the habitus of the croupiers before. The type and timing of the ball should be as consistent as possible in order to keep interfering factors and deviations low.

The speed of the roulette chair is determined by its weight, which can vary widely depending on the model, but usually oscillates around the 50 Kg. And the weight and texture of the sphere are also crucial. The heavier the bullet, the slower it is. In addition, "soft factors" also determine the result of the individual rotations:

If you lose now, go back to a level in the series. So you have to spend 20 € of your own credit again and are therefore a total of -10 € stake. If you lose again, go back to another level. You are now at -30 €. Then win 3 times in succession and play the number series, you collect a total of 100 €, after all a plus of 70 €.

Putting late is just a factor

In general, the use of the Kesselgucken method will be as late as possible, shortly before the announcement of the Croupier "Rien ne va plus" ("nothing goes any more"). The later the application comes, the better for the wheel watcher, which can then assess where the ball lands. However, a calculation of the case of the sphere also depends on other circumstances. For example, the weight of the roulette chair, which usually weighs about 50 kilos. Also the procurement of the ball is important-the lighter the ball is all the faster, the more difficult the slower. Every croupier in a casino turns with his personal character and effort. Nevertheless, no one can assume that he always gives the same impetus to the ball and the turnstile with the same force, even if it should always be the same croupier. In roulette, the rule is that the faster the ball and the wheel turn, the more complicated it is to calculate the case of the ball. There can also be slight irregularities, which brake the ball on: Maybe a slight slight inclination of the wheel or an unevenness or even unclean or cremated fingers of the croupier can cause a failure.

Calculation and estimate of the impact area-the coup: Even if the forecasts are only very vague, they outperform the pure random forecast in the statistics. The Kesselgucken can therefore earn money in the long run if it works at a consistently high level.

One of the biggest obstacles on the way to the roulette professional is the threat posed by gambling addiction. Many players can record success at the beginning. This leads to them overestimating themselves and unrealistically calculating the odds of winning.

Other operators allow professional players to enter and play in the coveted wheels, but they do their own in part technical measures to make life difficult for the Kesselguckenn.

According to Markov, numbers of a chain often occur frequently in succession. That is, if you take 2 or 3 numbers as the basis, then you can assume as a probability that any numbers in between will fall next.

Wilhelm Ernst assumes that it is extremely unlikely that exactly 2 numbers will fall out of each of the 3 twelve-twelfth groups at 6 game passes. It is more likely that a dozen or a column will be played 3-or even 4 times. The grid is designed to help identify the 12 currently preferred numbers you should set.

More interesting Live Casino info

After we have dealt extensively with the best live casino games and the top providers, we want to give you some background knowledge. The games with real donors differ in some areas from the other casino games with a random generator. But don't worry, after you've worked through the themes, you'll have internalized the workings and specifics of the Live Dealer offerings.

While the regular Fibonacci strategy will keep you moving a number further to the right after a loss, you will have to do that in the reverse variant if you win. In this way, you not only minimize your risk of loss, but can also gain significantly more than just a basic use, as in the standard Fibonacci. You will lose a game run only if you lose the very first bet.

However, a little background knowledge is required for this. The players who have recorded the results are working with permanencies, taking into account what numbers have fallen last. It is also relatively probable that they also determine their personal permanence in order to recognize and use a pattern even by chance of their own play. However, the personal permanence is to remain untreated at this point. If it can actually influence success, then only after a long period of time and a high level of analysis. However, if you plan to play roulette on a regular basis, you should start as early as possible to note all the numbers and the permanence. Many players regret that they have not been co-written from the beginning. To do this, each coup won is recorded with a plus, while each lost one gets assigned a minus.

Release of the ball according to the "Rien ne va plus": Some casinos only release the ball when all bets are made. In this case, Kesselgucken does not work at all.

The next few years run for Kaisan as lubricated; at the peak, in 1991, three million marks are available to him. He buys "for safety" a gold bar, twelve-half kilo heavy, and pachts a water castle in Saxony-Anhalt, which he buys eight years later.

The chance of winning online roulette is always the same for all numbers. Therefore, it makes no difference here, too, for which 4 numbers and Six Line you decide.

Although casinos like to see it in principle, when the players drink alcohol (after all, you become more daring), you should generally be careful about how much one consumes. After all, alcohol does not only cost money and can thus neutralize profits), it is also such that you quickly lose everything if you get drunk and carefully put your faith in Fortuna on the sample and "all in" goes.

But also small things, such as the hands of the croupiers that are cremated just before the game, can ensure that a wheel-look guide does not lead to success.

Colons and dozens

In this known and in the base quite simple system, a bet is bet on two of the three columns or the horizontal dozen rows in the playing field. In this case, the numbers are covered with an option 2/3 of the numbers, and with a little previous observation, one can perhaps determine which columns are falling more often. When betting on both options, the winning chance is already 86%.

This leads to total losses of € 834 and profits of € 833. As you can see, the house advantage with the Red System can actually be reduced to a minimum.

The wheel material has recently become increasingly difficult since, on the one hand, a shorter time has been introduced to give off the bets and, on the other hand, faster machines with higher wheel speeds have been introduced. But where there is a will, there is also a way-perhaps a new generation of the Kesselgucken will find the all-decisive clou and professionalize the game again. Until then, the playing fun at the roulette is back in the first place.

Notwithstanding the fact that the use of such software is illegal and punishable, the results of such offers are rather sobering, despite the apparent high plausibility of the technical procedures and principles presented.


If this were the case, the developers of such systems would spend their time at the gaming table and don't want to sell this system to strangers via the Internet. It doesn't matter what alleged gain per hour is advertised or how high the amount is. Roulette systems will never lead to an increase in profit opportunities and cannot be reliable. Also books that advertise with a "secret" strategy are not worth their money.

A slot machine offers the invaluable opportunity to test strategies free of charge and without financial risk. This possibility should always be used, because it not only helps to decide on a strategy, but it can also be an excellent preparation for real money games. Whoever mastered his system without consideration makes less mistakes in the more exciting real money rounds and is more relaxed.

Roulette is designed in such a way that around 2.7% of the use always flows as a profit to the bank, in the US it is even 5.26%. This means that the bank always wins in the long run.

Even if a Kesselgucken online roulette combination makes little sense, it has some advantages to play roulette online instead of at the real casino. For example, if you win, you don't have to pay a tip to the croupiers, and you can do your bets at rest and without stress and always have a look at all the previous coups.