NetEnt Live Roulette and Variants: How do you sit at the wheel

Also game maker NetEnt is implementing a relatively extensive live casino offer. We took a closer look at the Kesselspiel as a Live Roulette Pro and VIP roulette and draw a comparison to Konkurrent Evolution here. Both game variants differ in only marginal, which is why we include both variants in our Paxistest.

Another option is the game store, where roulette is offered at vending machines. However, with the atmosphere of a real casino and a real roulette table, of course, this offer can't keep up. It is more suitable as an alternative to the other vending machines and is not comparable with real roulette.

One does not rely on number combinations on the tableau, as most roulette players do, but bet on the so-called wheel games, that is, on a certain number and their two, three or four numbers adjacent to both sides.

The winning number depends on various factors, but is not entirely coincidental. Theoretically, according to physical laws, the ball would always start at the same speed starting from the wall of the wheel and striking an elliptical path. Depending on the wheel or croupier, the ball has a swirl and runs uneasy. In this case, your chances as Kesselgucken are bad.

In this roulette trick you have a very low risk, since you first risk only its basic use. In the case of a lucky streak that brings several wins one after the other, you can already collect a nice sum, which you either continue to use, or at some point will be paid out. This decision depends on the player's willingness to take risks and thus also shows one of the weaknesses of this system, because some players can tear themselves too long to risk the entire amount further. Another weakness is the fact that many losses often have to be accepted until a succession of multiple profits is pending.

Split the stop amount into different partial amounts and write them as a number row on a note.

That's why it's important not to give up his life for roulette. A regular income not only secures the livelihood and takes the pressure to win at the game. It also ensures that the player has a fixed point of reference in life, which prevents the player from taking roulette too important.

How do you sit at the wheel?

The so-called wheel games are particularly suitable for wheel watchers. These are set combinations, in which one sets numbers or sections lying next to one another in the wheel.

From then on, his success story began. If you ask him yourself, however, he does not refer to himself as a player in the casino: if Kaisan is active at the roulette table, he will work according to his own statement.

"Doc" has found imitators in Saarbr├╝cken. According to their own narratives, the brothers S. have observed and evaluated his game. In part, the 79-year-old also financed their game. He would give them 100 euros, sometimes more. This is confirmed by the brothers and their patrons. Then came the Eklat. The duo demanded more, "Doc", allegedly threatened with a criminal complaint and the public, because he was doing a common cause with employees. The Saal Management responded, granted the brethren ' house ban-due to disruption of the operational peace and insult to staff and guests. One of the people affected was informed, the second informed journalist. This week, it was to be heard that crime officials are supposed to hear the statesman, to feel him on the tooth.

Both the Fibonacci as well as the Reverse Fibonacci strategies make sense. With the Fibonacci system you only have to win one third of your bets to gain a profit from a unit and through the flat progression your chances of a total loss are much lower than, for example, in the Martingale roulette system.

Systems without progression, in which the application remains the same and is subject to the possible next number or number combination.

Especially dangerous is the fact that the player can acquire a addictive memory through such profits. This means that the brain gets into a hormone imbalance. The normal state is perceived to be less good and the player has learned that only profits can restore the reward state.

The best alternatives for online roulette

The diverse strategies make it easy for newcomers to discover their favorites. We advise players to engage at least once with the common strategies of D' Alembert and Martingale right up to Paroli. Don't you like to guarantee your winnings: you maximize the fun of the game many times! Even if the setting strategies seem a little complicated first, players quickly understood what effect the respective tactics have-and what their behind-the-say is. Advance warning: It's not primarily about seasoning every coup with a profit. Instead, the mathematicians and stochastics of the past succeeded in keeping the losses as low as possible or even completely offsetting the losses. The mathematical concepts can also be found in the 21. A century of quick success-of course, only with the necessary portion of luck! In contrast to the wheel material, it is irrelevant in which position the wheel stands, in which way the croupier operates, or whether the small obstacles to the space are an additional difficulty. The stochastic strategies will also have a weight in several centuries and will encourage new generations of players to reflect.

There is no roulette system that increases the chances of winning. The ball lands by pure chance on the field and the probabilities do not increase. That's why Roulette should never be played with the will to make money. In contrast to poker or blackjack, where you can win an advantage with your own skill, this is not possible with the roulette game.

The theories and tricks promise a positive outcome, however, any casino player should be aware of the risks. The random factor, even if the systems are legal, can always and at all times override all mathematical calculators and statistical evaluations. Gambling is still in good fortune and should also be considered as such. Anyone who experiences the exciting possibilities of many systems and likes to try out, will produce and enjoy besides playing fun by luck and chance as well as nice winnings.

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Only those who keep to the chosen system can really take chances after this tactic. So the player should have perseverance and discipline to follow all the details closely.