Advantages of NetEnt: Pokerfaces and Kesselgucken

Gambling is a very special attraction for people, which is due to the inherent gameplay that drives us to gamble. This is where excitement and great attention are drawn to a profit that, in addition to excitement and fun, is the most obvious motivation for playing. But the different cards and dice games are more than just a way to win money. Casino games have developed into a cultural icon, which is addressed in numerous magazines, books, films and songs. But who are the biggest professional players and what does this have to do with the issue of men and women?

Thorp and Shannon set up a computer program that took into account all these factors. All they had to do was enter the initial speed of the ball into the computer after a rotation of the roulette wheel, and the latter took over the rest. The series of equations used made it necessary for the computer to come to a conclusion even before the call of the croupiers "Nothing goes more!". It is important to note that at the time when the two MIT professors were allowed to do so, computers in casinos were allowed. Today, we don't have that luck. The two have made a lot of money with their roulette computer and their success eventually led to the banishment of computer equipment from casinos. After the casinos enforced the ban on computer usage, the players had to consider other methods of attacking the roulette wheel without relying on devices. The resuult in the wheel. Of course, the methodology was not as precise as the computer system, but it was still good enough to get a healthy advantage over the house. When a computer was used to determine the landing point of the sphere, the landing area could be predicted to be 5 numbers, or to a 1/8 of the roulette wheel. If a player put 1 dollar on 5 different numbers, he would earn an overwhelming win of $33 per spin with 100% accuracy. And the winning sum is growing at higher stakes. The winning levels are not so high if you use a computer-free method, but are still very good. Instead of the 5 numbers, the player increases the bet bet to $15, and in the case of a payout of 36: 1, a net profit of $20 per spin is possible at a 100% hit rate. A profit can even be achieved if the hit ratio is only 35%. So it's a strong game system when it's running properly. Let us look at a few things that you need to take into account in order to use this roulette system properly.

Important: Kaisan always orientates itself at the table limits and its own game capital. He always calculates that he is able to set about 2 per mille of his position per number.

The basic idea in this tactic is loss avoidance and discipline in betting. The disadvantage is that, if you play a long series of numbers, you also have to cope with larger operations quickly. Also the responsibility to stop at the right time lies with the player and the seduction, to continue on a lucky streak is great. In any case, there is a mathematical advantage, but one must never forget that the random factor can throw all the calculations over the pile. In the long run, you can get a good advantage here, but the budget needs best preplanning and often it is possible that after many exciting rounds with a profit in no more than the height of the base use goes home.

This went well-until, in 1980, he was arrested by the Stasi for "asozial way of life". 18 months in prison, the court ruled. But with the bribery of a Stasi man, Kaisan was able to buy himself freely and traveled to the Federal Republic of USA. The gamble didn't let him go, but unlike in the GDR, dice games, which had brought him the most money so far, did not play a role.

The two regular customers who are now locked out, they claim, under certain conditions, the "wheel". When "Doc" is sitting at the table, however, the roulette wheel is turned slower, the ball is not thrown so hard. When he leaves the table, the wheel again flotter. Automatic records of the speed of the wheel disproportion these accusations according to the game's game. In addition, the action on the roulette table of five cameras is constantly monitored. At the State Office for Central Services, the transfers from the casino to the control of financial officials are carried out. The offer of the game bank chiefs: Should the prosecutor have an interest in the video material, he can be happy to have it.

Advantages of NetEnt

Sometimes roulette systems are offered free of charge. They are then usually linked to an indication of online casinos in which the players are to try the system. If the player doesn't expect too much and plays responsibly, then not all too much is to be done. However, this does not increase the chances of winning. That is why systems that aim at doubling the use should not be played here. An exception, of course, offers play money, that does not have any real effects.

To be successful as a Kesselgucken, you have to do a lot of preliminary work and often watch dozens or hundreds of coups before you make operations.

"Doc" is angry with the claims of his ex-fellow players: " This is a giant sore. Everything lied. " He wants to hire a lawyer to show the two. In the meantime, lawyers have also turned on the casino and its head of technology, E., who is retiring at the end of the month. The speech is of bad post-speech and business damage. Profispieler Kastratovic continues to come to Saarbr├╝cken to look into the roulette wheel. So far, he doesn't spoil the game, reveals even a bluff on the sidelines. The golden Rolex on his arm is a plagiarism, bought for small money in Ibiza.

In fact, the distributors of such arguably hardly any serious offers with the casinos work together in an indirect way. You are applying the available Kesselgucken App or the Kesselgucken software for certain casino operators by claiming that the software would work in a particularly reliable way with certain providers.

Pierre Basieux: The taming of the fluctuations. Printul, 2003, ISBN 3-925575-31-6 (Litter Games, Physical Prediction Methods, Statistical Effects)

This method requires a good memory capacity and, in addition, precise knowledge of the order of all numbers in the cylinder. Only if you have enough knowledge, you can recognize patterns and use them to your advantage. It is therefore worthwhile to first study theoretical knowledge on the topic of roulette, so that you are well prepared to take advantage of distorted probabilities to your own advantage.