Microgaming Online Casinos: Comparison and the top games 2021

The following casino provider comparison gives you a detailed overview of the best online gambling service providers in the industry. Our report, of course, is not simply based on snapshots. In every post and every review, months of intensive work are done by our experienced editorial team.

New online casinos for Swiss players need to be convinced by an attractive game offer, a lucrative bonus for new and long-term players and absolute security.

Bonus offers

We check out the bonus offers of all casino providers and find out which casino bonus is suitable for which players. In addition, we deal extensively with Casino Bonus conditions and check them for fairness and transparency.

What all of the online casinos listed here have in common: the many years of experience in the field of online gambling.

AGB's and bonus conditions are easy to understand and are written in flawless US

Our online casino comparison does not only recognize bonuses, but also summarizes them. Thanks to our first-class contacts, even good bonuses can be offered to our users! So as a user, it is worth doubling when you visit our site!

Customer Service

It is important that the customer service of an online casino can be contacted as much as possible around the clock and that there are many free communication channels. Also, if possible, a customer service should always be available in US.

In spite of a valid license from the Malta Gaming Authority or any other regulatory authority, I believe that the best protection against rogue casino providers is to learn to see if you can trust a casino or not. Therefore, in the following sections you will find my test criteria, which represent a kind of Online Casino Test by Stiftung Warentest. The breakdown of the criteria should help you to better understand my tests. I am now setting out my objective requirements for the "Best Online Casino" seal in detail. Have a lot of fun!

They are leaning against the well-known single-armed bandits and let players ' hearts beat faster.

It is often the case that these free versions are not available for real-time casino games. Instead, just for slot games. So if you want to get to know the game, the symbols, etc., you can do it without any problems.

However, the licensors are not the only instances whose attention is focused on the security and seriousness of online casinos. In addition, a number of independent authorities are involved in this issue. For example, look out for the eCOGRA seal of approval, which is awarded exclusively as a seriously-founded casino. In addition, the countries themselves check whether a casino complies with the statutory provisions and guidelines.

A lot of impression leaves a provider in the online casino test of course with a strong game selection. This can be called an individual footprint. The more attractive the player is, the more fun the players will have at the provider. The selection of casino games is huge nowadays. Not a few online casinos offer you more than 1,000 different games.

Although the offers are often similar at first glance, there is actually always a whole hand full of differences. These range from the game selection to the bonus actions and make the differences within the industry very clear. So if you want to save a lot of time, trouble and effort, the best way to look at our game banks is to compare them. This is where you can see the best and most serious online casinos in Switzerland at a glance.

In addition to sports betting, the state government is now also responsible for allowing online casinos. There could therefore be concrete statements on the subject at the Prime Minister's Conference, which will be held today on 5 December 2019 in Berlin. Online casinos are already taking part in countless millions of users with millions of dollars. Should the future gambling state contract not be geared to the needs of these users, it should be possible to use [...]

In an internal report, the ministries are expecting billions of euros in revenue

There is a lot of this already in an internal report of the country working group of 20. October. In it, the finance officials quantify the revenue through poker and car taxes to EUR 1.365 billion, calculated on the basis of the sales of the year 2018. This is significantly more than the sales tax on their revenues, which the largely illegal providers would theoretically have to pay today. Officially, the finance officials justify their tax reform plans with the fight against gambling addiction, which is also enshrined in the Gambling State Treaty. Its "steering purposes" are to be "tax-flanked", the report said. The selected tax rate of eight per cent could be used to "promote competitive conditions" and "to contribute to the desiccation of illegal gambling operations".

The private testing institutes, which have been certified by regulators, are an important building block to ensure a fair game. The best online casinos are the ones who publish this test report on their website, which you can then look at in peace and compare with those of the competition. Thus, there is a good overall picture and the information can be included in your decision, which provider you choose.

One of the most effective ways to assess casinos is to create a checklist and to assess each page according to the factors that are most important to you. We recommend that you consider the following criteria in order to evaluate the respective website.

This is because each transaction has to go through some security checks before it is carried out. The casinos are obliged to carry out these tests. This protects against money laundering and counterfeit players ' profiles.

As long as you don't play professionally at the casino, the profits will usually not have to be taxed. The tax office in Austria is only beginning to be interested in your winnings when you make a living on it. Professional players finance more than 50 percent of real money winning. If you go to a regular occupation, your profits will be tax-free.

So it remains that happiness is still the only factor that can "influence" the gameplay of a casino game. Therefore, each player in the Online Casino Test should focus on the fun of the game, leave the fair work to the RNG, and be happy if a win, or even the jackpot, finds the way to him once by luck and chance.

At the top of the list of advantages, the online game offers much larger games, such as in a Microgaming casino with over 800 games, which can also be tried out for the most part free of charge. With an Internet game bank you don't have to limit yourselves to the vending machines and table games, but you can at any time start one of the many different gambling games. At the same time, all these online games are available in theoretically unlimited numbers, so if 10,000 players want to play the same machine at the same time, this is possible without any problems-you don't have to stand here and wait until the game you want to play is free. Here you will find a list of the pros and counterpoints for online and offline casinos:

➕ Operates Microgaming Own Online Casinos?

Microgaming simply produces online slots and does not provide online gaming halls. There are, however, entirely pure Microgaming casinos, which have only the automenata games of this manufacturer in the portfolio.